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Our limited partner viewership doubled between 2020 and 2021

– Partner & Head of Investor Relations

Proven Benefits of Video

01. Stand out from other PE firms


LPs attend 15-20 annual meetings every year, on average. In order to stand out from other PE firms, making lasting impressions on investors is key. By using video, portfolio companies can come to life, making fund performance data far more engaging, leaving your firm as the talk of the town.

02. Build confidence and stronger relationships


Annual meetings are often the only time Investor Relations teams get face-to-face time with investors. Building trust and nurturing fruitful relationships is crucial during this time. Video is a powerful way to “show not tell” LPs the impact their investments make.

03. Repurpose videos for long-term ROI


Video is an investment not only for your current LPs, but for the future investors too. Portfolio growth stories, CEO testimonials, and performance reviews are extremely effective methods for communicating with potential investors during fundraising and on an ongoing basis.

Create an unforgettable
experience for your investors


Customized to fit your needs and guaranteed to leave positive impressions; video sets the bar high.

Here are our 3 favorite ways to do it :

Portfolio Company Growth Stories

Take your investors around the globe – hear directly from management teams and experience company growth first-hand. Growth stories are a great way to enhance the fund performance data you’ll be presenting.

CEO Testimonials or Announcements

Whether you want to give a quick update on company performance or share a fully developed case study, CEO testimonials are an exciting way for investors to meet the leaders of your portfolio companies and add life to your AGM.

Pre-Recorded Meetings

Don’t bore your investors with another WebEx meeting. By pairing data with striking visuals, simple presentations can become something extraordinary. Engage your investors with material that’s polished and sets the bar high.