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Discoveries Inside a Digital Agency: Certainty Film

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Other Industries

Transparency makes us human.

The best way to empathize and connect with one another is through an expression of vulnerability. Yet, this fundamental moral principle has seemed to slip through the cracks of storytelling in business.

We hear success stories of fearless entrepreneurs or the unwavering confidence of a management team. But what about the fears, challenges, and doubts that make those very successes that much sweeter?

So often, as we travel the country interviewing CEOs, CFO’s, CMO’s, and every other C-O you can think of, we discover the truth behind senior level management.

We discover that the challenges they experience are relentless and exhilarating. That they rely on the honest advice of peers and mentors to face roadblocks head on. Morgan Witham, COO of COLAB, has shared her story of substance, emotion, and certainty.

Throughout her career, Morgan has learned the art of adapting quickly to dynamic environments. To truly be successful in reality, finding yourself challenged and at the bottom of a learning curve is where you will thrive. It’s not a matter of knowing, but of embracing discomfort and being confident in your ability to tackle any problem.


discoveries inside a digital agency


Inside this digital agency in Richmond, Virginia, Morgan shared with us her many self-discoveries. We are thrilled to show her refreshing honesty and unwavering enthusiasm as only part of her success story.

I can guarantee that you will walk away from Morgan’s story invigorated. But don’t take it from me, go ahead and see for yourself.

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