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Exciting Announcement: Our New Service Updates

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Marketing

New Service Offerings Update

We have some exciting news to share with you! Just like your brand, humanstory is constantly evolving. You all spoke and we listened. We know there’s a need for videos that go beyond documentary-style. And while we’re still staying true to our roots and humanizing brands through story, we have expanded our video services to offer you even more creative choices.


Check out our new, full list of service offerings:

  • Documentary-Style Videos
  • Animation
  • Voiceover
  • Motion Graphics
  • Scripted Video
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Content Consulting


Animation is perfect for making difficult concepts or processes easier for consumers to visualize and understand. In AMC Technology’s “DaVinci for Salesforce” video, the use of animation brings the software to life and clearly shows the key features of the platform. Animations can also be used to make your video more captivating and entertaining to watch.



Voiceover is meant to add more details or context about your company, not just tell viewers what they are looking at on their screen, as shown through Facebook’s virtual process tour. It can be used to tell a story, pose a question, or share fun facts. A voiceover can also emphasize your key points of differentiation that go along with the visuals being shown.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or footage that produce a motion-like effect. They are used not only to communicate with your audience in an engaging way but also to add depth and detail to your story. Bensenville’s tour plant would’ve been less attention-grabbing without the use of motion graphics. Try a motion graphic to explain a concept, create awareness for your brand, or share a product.


Scripted Video

Scripted videos make sense for animated, explainer, and how-to videos. Having a script lets you take charge of the message you would like to impart to your viewers. You can also plan the emotions you wish the audience to experience during the video through a carefully-planned script, which is harder to do in an unscripted video.


Distribution Strategy

Now that you have your video, how do you distribute it to your audience? We can help with that. Whether you’re not sure what social media platforms work best to disseminate your content or what advertising channels work best for video, humanstory is here to help you create a customizable distribution strategy that will reach your audience.


Content Consulting


If you’re stuck on what video will work best for your company in general or for a specific purpose, we are here to assist. With our extensive experience and expertise in creating video content, we can help you figure out what video marketing your company needs to be successful.

Ready to discover your brand’s story? Send humanstory a message or fill out our pricing questionnaire so you can connect with your audience.