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Vital Farms: More Than Ethical Eggs


Ever wondered the difference between cage-free and free-range eggs? How about pasture-raised eggs? Listen to how Vital Farms is breaking ground in the egg industry with their approach to bringing ethically produced food to the table.


There are dozens of commodity egg companies out there and there are a lot of misperceptions around “free range” and “pasture raised” eggs. In the midst of a merger & acquisition, Vital Farms was asking: How can we help stakeholders understand exactly what it means to be pasture-raised? How do we show them that customers can see and taste a real difference in these eggs? On top of that, we want our culture and our transparency to shine through. Potential investors should understand that this is NOT just a trend but the way of the future.


Humanstory hatched a plan (pun intended) to feature a range of stakeholders as interviewees in order to give prospective investors a transparent, 360-view of the company. From management and employees to customers and farmers, viewers walked away with a crystal clear understanding of what sets Vital Farm’s processes, people, and end products apart from the competition.


Vital Farms was advised on a sale to a private equity firm in 2019 to continue expanding the business. Just two years later, in 2021, the company went public as one of the food industry’s most anticipated IPOs. Humanstory helped craft two more videos for their IPO roadshow. Vital Farms today is the largest pasture-raised egg brand in the US

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