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The Smart Customer: Video Marketing that Matters

by | May 24, 2019 | Marketing

Last week, we sat down with a Senior Director of Marketing for an interview. We were in the middle of discussing the ins and outs of content marketing when she said something that struck me.

The customer is smart.

They know when you’re being genuine and real, and they know when you’re not. With social media the way that is today, everything is out there. You’re very transparent to the customer.

You can’t force it.

We have to be true to who we are as a brand and play that out in a very real and genuine way.

It is hard, if not impossible to fain enthusiasm for a product or brand in the age of digital marketing. Maybe you can think of exceptions, but I’ve talked to enough passionate professionals to know that competition is high for believing in a company. From talking to a multitude of marketing professionals around the country, I truly believe that you can’t force it.

Your video content should express your passion and belief in your product. It should tell the story of your brand and be a piece of your content library you’re proud of. Video production is often the thorn in the side of marketing strategy. But if you want the brand awareness you’ve set out to achieve, it has to be a part of the mix.

This is where video story-telling comes into play. Sure, you need a marketing video, but knowing what we do about the viewer on the other side of the screen, a simple online video is not enough. You need to inspire something deeper and leave them with something to think about. Just as the honest words of the Marketing Director resonated with me, a story told from the heart can quickly turn viewers into potential customers.

There’s a great story behind every professional title. The marketing world demands that content be everything from engaging to optimized. We are finding that the best thing for your video content is be honest and open with the world. Video marketing is the best reflection of your belief in your company; use it as a tool to be fully transparent with a smart customer.

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